While listening to Fool on the Hill.

I got too much past to hide within the bars of my life.
I look back down and it all comes around
dancing like a velvet gown.
Why did all have to happen so fast?

I need your happiness.
I'm a fool on a hill,
I do not know how to be happy
and nobody could teach me like you.


Paul B. Hartzog of the IGERT Fellow Center for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan:
Technologies that allow us to work together in new ways make possible an era of “do it yourself” cooperation. That means people being able to help each other without relying on hierarchies do things for them. These anarchical networks are best understood within the framework of complex adaptive systems.
So, this means we have to study new phenomena like open source, wiki, and social software, but it also means that we have to look back to the roots of civilization: tribes, gift economies, communities, and political theory.

Entreprise 2.0: el tema que quiero desarrollar un poquito.... me gusta esto de la anarquía en la red.... es lo mejor para erradicar los sistemas jerárquicos obsoletos y que no sirven para nada.
Es la mejor forma de generar empresas o proyectos económicos que no se basen en una autoridad sino en la cooperación entre partes. ¿Se podrá, como dice el autor, volver a las tribus?¿a las comunidades? ¿a la economía del don?????