10 Dont's meet 25 Do's.

DO understand me.

DON'T judge me.
DON'T be partial.
DO advice me.
DON'T compete with me.
DO know about my needs and my times.
DO take care of me.
DO listen.
DO be self-conscious.
DO be self-responsible.
DO be honest with yourself, and with me.
DO hug me.
DO have a well-balanced life.
DON'T have major problems, but
DO recognize them.
DON'T expect anything in return.
DON'T have any hidden interests.
DO accept patiently my mistakes.
DON'T envy me.
DO be free of spirit.
DO bring light to me.
DO make me happy.
DO make me smile.
DO smile.
DO accept the WHOLE of me.
DO respect my decisions,
DON'T be offended by them.
DO face your problems.
DO open your door.
DON'T absorb me.
DO take care of your own businesses.
DO love yourself.
DON'T burden my back with trouble.
DO talk through it.
DO love me.

I know nothing stays the same, but if you're willing to play the game, it's coming around again...


¿por qué será que nunca amoldamos los temas vampirezcos a los hombres de turno......?

Easy lover,
He'll get a hold on you believe it.
Like no other,
Before you know it you'll be on your knees
He is an easy lover,
He'll take your heart but you won't feel it.
He's like no other,
And I'm just trying to make you see!

He's the kind of guy you dream of,
Dream of keeping hold of.
You'd better forget it,
You'll never get it.
He will play around and leave you,
Leave you and deceive you,
Better forget it.
Oh, you'll regret it.

No you'll never change him, so leave it, leave it
Get out quick cos seeing is believing
Its the only way
You'll ever know

You're the one that wants to hold him,
Hold him and control him,
You'd better forget it.
You'll never get it.
For he'll say there's no other,
Till he finds another!
Better forget it.
Oh you'll regret it.

And don't try to change him, just leave it, leave it
You're not the only one, ooh seeing is believing
It's the only way
You'll ever know, oh.


Jaja esta suena más rara pero bien podría ser el caso...

Hay un hombre hermoso,

el más primoroso
de ojitos negros,
de piel gitana.

Es, es un hechicero,
que domina a la mujer
con sus danzares
con las caderas.

No, no se sabe dónde,
de dónde ha salido,
y a dónde ha ido,
él es un misterio.

Se mueve con cadencia,
con la inocencia
de un príncipe
que nadie toca.

¡Ay! Qué bonitos ojos
¡Ay! Qué bonita boca
¡Ay! Soy su prisionera
Y me reviento en deseo...

Es un hechicero,
un seductor.
Es un hechicero,
un seductor.


Ah... el temperamento tranquilo, el recogimiento, la simpleza.
El sentido del humor, la mansedumbre, la ternura.
La felicidad, la naturaleza, la piel y el aire puro.
El silencio, la luz bajita, el andar pausado, el cantar de los grillitos.
Todas cosas que me gustan mucho, y me hacen acordar a esta canción.

Eis aqui este sambinha,

Feito numa nota só

Outras notas vão entrar,

Mas a base é uma só

Esta outra é consequência,

Do que acabo de dizer

Como eu sou a consequência,

Inevitável de você

Quanta gente existe por aí,

Que fala tanto e não diz nada,

Ou quase nada

Já me utilizei de toda a escala,

E no final não sobrou nada,

Não deu em nada

E voltei prá minha nota,

Como eu volto prá você

Vou cantar com a minha nota,

Como eu gosto de você

E quem quer todas as notas,

Ré, mi, fá, sol, lá, si, dó

Fica sempre sem nenhuma,

Fique numa nota só.

He aquí esta sambita,

Hecha de una nota sola.

Otras notas van a entrar,

Pero la base es una sola.

Esta otra es consecuencia,

De lo que acabo de decir,

Como yo soy la consecuencia

Inevitable de usted.

Cuánta gente existe por ahí

Que habla tanto y no dice nada,

O casi nada,

Ya utilicé toda la escala

Y al final no sobró nada,

No quedó en nada...

Y volví para mi nota,

Como vuelvo para usted,

Voy a cantar con mi nota,

Como yo gusto de usted,

Y quien quiere todas las notas,

Re, mi, fa, sol, la, sí, do,

Queda siempre sin ninguna,

Queda en una nota sola.


When I'm low, and I'm weak, and I'm lost, I don't know who I can trust.
Paranoia, the destroyer, comes knocking on my door.
You know the pain drifts to days, turns to nights, but it slowly will subside.
And when it does, I take a step, I take a breath, and wonder what I'll find.

Can you hear what I'm saying? I should let people help me with love.
Feel what I'm saying, I should let people help me with love, love.
Too much pain, too much to wait, turn off the set, there's got to be something more.
When Mohammed, Allah, Buddah, Jesus Christ are knocking down my door.
I'm catholic, dear God, (but man), she takes a female form.
There's no time, no space, no law, we're out here on our own.
Can you hear what I'm saying? I should let people help me with love, love,
feel what I'm saying: got my mind meditating on love, love.
Check the meaning. (the human condition)
Check the feeling. (the human condition)

Guess it's life, doing it's thing.
Making you cry, making you think.
Yeah, life dealing it's hand.
Making you cry and you don't understand.
Life, doing it's thing, making you cry.
Making you think of pain.
Doing it's thing, making you cry, making you sing.

Don't say it, don't say it's too late!
Don't. Don't say it's too late!
It's never too late!
It's never too late!
Don't, don't say it's too late!
It's never too late!
Don't, don't say it's too late for rescuing my soil.

The human condition.
The big decisions.
The human condition.
The big decisions.

I'm like a fish with legs.
I fell from the tree.
I made a rocket.
I swam the ocean.
I saw the moon.
I seen the universe.
I see you,
I see me.
That's my reality.

And while the city sleeps we go walking. It's a beautiful world, and when the city sleeps we go walking. We find a hole in the sky and then we start talking. And then we say

Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Jesus Christ.
Buy us some time.
Buy us some time.

Buy me some time.


The world's gone blind for a while
it's as something's broken
and I cannot tell why.
Has my mind tricked my heart?
Has my heart tricked my mind?
If I see in your eyes
the most sad of the looks
then it's we should turn around?
Oh sweetheart in two weeks
something special filled the air
in a way I would not know
and I fell into a dream
maybe my nature awakes
and I feel I'm still asleep
and it makes me feel confused
when I close my eyes and feel.
Should I feel so much tonight?
Is this tear the truth beneath?
Or your sensitive golden eyes
make me melt in your sorrounds?
It's like a deep, profound ocean
it's the drops calling the earth
when you hold me I feel so close
change as if we were one clay

How can something last two weeks
be so damn Jobim insensitive
for one week is not such time
but the amount of hugs together...

I wish this would last forever
not to worry about what's next
I just need your innocence
makes me feel so alive and fresh

I only want to take care
but something don't let me rest
please forgive my present state
cannot sail your pleasant waves
but I love you just the same.
Yes I love you just the same.
I do love you just the same.
I will love you just the same.