No quiero ser adicta a vos, adicta a ella, adicta a él.
No quiero vivir mi vida pensando en vos, pensando en ella, pensando en él.
Quiero vivir mi vida pensando en mí misma,
ocupándome de mí misma,
sirviéndome a mí.

Ser mi única diosa,
que Dios me levante,
me lleve bien alto,
me ensalce si quiere
hasta donde quiera que esté.

No tener penas que rezar
No pensar en tu cuerpo
en la abstinencia de gente
en el aire mortal.

No quiero vivir con respirador ni un "I'm a disease" *
ni un Suicide Blonde ** ni una License to Kill ***

Ya no soy James Bond ni tanto más bonita
la vida me enmarcó
en un sueño de vida
y ya no quiero volver atrás.

* Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - Black - Feat. Norah Jones
*** Gladys Knight

Eyes Wide Open


Some of them want to use you.
Some of them want to get used by you,
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused.

Hold your head up!
Keep your head up!
Hold your head up!
Keep your head up!




Loneliness is just a monster in my head.

Las señales hay que salir a buscarlas.


I'm so HAPPY when I'm happy

that I feel like

9. The Party Sequence

in Sydney Pollack's "Sabrina" Original Soundtrack.



Hoy ví El Graduado.

Después busqué el significado de la canción Mrs. Robinson y en el sitio www.songmeanings.net me encontré con una definición bastante pero bastante copada sobre la parte sociológica del asunto:

This song is about the state of the nation in the late 60's. Ms. Robinson is an archetype of the generation that could no longer uphold the "perfectness" of the '50s no matter how good their intentions. (hence why Jesus loves you, there were lots of wrongs committed with the best of intentions) The entire older generation of the 60's was in a sort of institution, desperately trying to maintain an unmaintainable false image. Hide it from the kids, they'll rip off the covers and expose everything. Government is not helping, anyway you lose. Also, an excellent note from the movie: Notice how after they "succeeded" in toppling the establishment's expectations they sat in the back of the bus looking like they had no clue about what to do next? That was 60's youth, and that conflict with one side wrong and the other side confused and directionless is what this song is about.

Por el usuario/usuaria Vikingloki.

Ain't that cooooool????? Los sesenta... me encanta donde dice que no tienen la más pálida idea de qué van a hacer después. Pero las caras de felicidad son impagables!!! Creo que por eso me gustó tanto la película.



You couldn't get more refined in the art of vengeance.

You'd have to be a woman.




Funny... we become acquainted with certain realities when we grow apart from them.



Said I many times, love is illusion


Much of my mental health and spiritual happiness I owe to my friends...

-so this is a romantic song,

and I dedicate it to them.





----In luv with Tom Middleton----



Esta es una época única.
Estoy conociendo gente nueva,
me estoy haciendo nuevos amigos,
probando cosas nuevas,
tomando nuevos tragos,
escuchando nueva música,
leyendo nuevos libros,
entendiendo ideas nuevas.....

Es una etapa de experimentación, de búsqueda.

Cerca, Silvia, non lasciare mai di cercare.

Me lo dijeron en un trenno a los 19
y me lo digo siempre
todo el tiempo,
con la aurora.

Enfrentando las calles vacías,
en plena mañana
caminando enérgica

Nueva vida,
nuevos soles.

Siempre mi abuelo,
rondándome con su fiereza de esgrimista.
Siempre mi abuela,
velándome con su sutileza de bailarina.

Mi pelo al viento y una sonrisa nueva,
enfrentando mi historia de vida.

I'm kind of losing my mind for this song. I cannot stop listening to it.



Necesito exorcizarte.
Sacarte de mis entrañas,
estás ahí dentro!
con tus ojos profundos,
llenos de alegría
totalmente loco.
Hay algo que me mata de vos,
algo raro que hace mucho que no veo.
es esa energía,
esa inmadurez
en la que me reconozco hace algunos años
algunas vibraciones que me llegan al alma
como las venas profundas
se llenan de sangre
al igual que se llena un cuarto de pasiones
de encuentros, de miradas
de algo que no puedo definir
te estoy extrañando tanto
aún estoy envenenada de tí,
es lo más evidente.
Te veo fuerte aunque chiquillo
no sé dónde está mi cabeza
sólo sé que el autocontrol se vuelve deficiencia
cuando te miro algo me quema
no sé hace cuánto no sentía esto...
Vengo diciendo no, no,
no detrás de no
a todos los que vienen por el camino
No en las vacaciones,
no en la realidad
no en la ciudad
no en mi cama
y en mi corazón,
pero a vos no puedo.
(evidentemente preocupante)
No voy a perder la cabeza, no no, no!
Necesito exorcizarte.
El diablo en el cuerpo,
la locura es tu juego,
me genera sufrimiento
y me enceguece la idea
de que la soledad me mata
cuando no es así y bien lo he comprobado.
Sos un jugador,
y sabés bien tu parte.
Pero hasta que le pierda el encanto
a estas tretas de chiquillos
hasta que muera desangrada
probablemente voy a seguir soñando
con las noches,
tantas noches,
muchas noches
en la cama.

Hasta que me conquiste a mí misma
a mis cambios de humor,
mis defensas,
mis miedos,
mi amor...
me canto como Nek
Va bene cosí
(está bien así)
va bene com'é
(está bien como es)
finche dici sí prendo quello che c'é
(hasta que digas 'sí' tomo aquello que haya)
va bene cosí
(está bien así)
va bene per me
(está bien para mí)
mi tieni con te con un ma e con un se
(me tenés con vos con un 'pero' y con un 'si')


Into The Wild


Into The Wild is the story of Christopher McCandless, who went into the woods because "he wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived", quotating Thoreau.

He seeked himself.

But apparently, to some people, that seems unadequate and stupid. Or a lack of common sense.

See what Sherry Simpson says in the Anchorage Press of this affair.

(From Wikipedia) "Mostly I’m puzzled by the way he’s emerged as a hero, a kind of privileged-yet-strangely-dissatisfied-with-his-existence hero.... For many Alaskans, the problem is not necessarily that Christopher McCandless attempted what he did – most of us came here in search of something, didn’t we? Haven’t we made our own embarrassing mistakes? But we can’t afford to take his story seriously because it doesn’t say much a careful person doesn’t already know about desire and survival. The lessons are so obvious as to be laughable: Look at a map. Take some food. Know where you are. Listen to people who are smarter than you. Be humble. Go on out there – but it won’t mean much unless you come back. This is what bothers me – that Christopher McCandless failed so badly, so harshly, and yet so famously that his death has come to symbolize something admirable, that his unwillingness to see Alaska for what it really is has somehow become the story so many people associate with this place, a story so hollow you can almost hear the wind blowing through it. His death was not a brilliant fuck-up. It was not even a terribly original fuck-up. It was just one of the more recent and pointless fuck-ups.

Wikipedia tries hard to show an image of McCandless totally helpless and stupid.

I guess, if we all did our own quests in the "common sense" way, they wouldn't actually BE quests.

If we didn't have a great deal of strong will to cope with our quests, no matter how erratic or wrongly-oriented they may be, they wouldn't be quests.
And No Matter The Results of these quests, I don't think they can actually be judged.

For if his parents can't be judged for the image of life they gave him, can his death be actually thought of as a pointless fuck-up???


Is that humble enough?

Is it humble and of common sense to prevent someone of doing something according to one's point of view?

Aren't we rushing into the idea that he was actually willing to survive?

"Go on out there – but it won’t mean much unless you come back". Why?


Only because WE can't give HIS story a meaning in OUR heads? To frame his experience into what We would think of as a "succesful trip"?

English Wikipedia even forgets to write down his final "common sense" words:

“I have had a happy life and thank the Lord. Goodbye and may God bless all!”

What if I were smiling and running into your arms? Would you see then what I see now?"

I find none of his quotes (

http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Talk:Christopher_McCandless) common sensed, and yet so full of life and meaning.
Can inspiration be judged in any way? Some of the gratest things in life are SO foolish that I wonder if anyone can play God with God's own intentions in revealing them to us.
I keep to myself Sean Penn's words regarding this:
"He provoked very necessary things in me. We’ve let the blade of our innocence dull over time and it’s only in innocence that you find any kind of magic, any kind of courage."


Dejarme salir de mí misma.
No juzgarme.




Besaré la cruz

Siempre estás tan cerca...
Nunca digo adiós

Dulce luz sin fin,
esperando el trago amargo, tu medicina

Amarga medicina

-Gustavo Cerati / Daniel Melero




Cómo una ventanita abierta en el msn,
que me recuerda a tí,
porque es tuya,
tiene tu nombre y tu lugar,
me conforta.

Cómo la sola posibilidad de comunicarme,
hablarte o sentirte,
(incluso si al final no pasa)
pero estar "online",
me hace sentir cerca.

Cómo sólo percibir tu presencia
me hace sentir que todavía estás ahí.