Necesito internalizar esta canción.


life's what you make it.
Can't escape it

"yesterday's favourite"
Don't you hate it?

Everything's All RIght,
life's what you make it.

life's what you make it.
Don't backdate it.

Don't try to shade it,
Beauty is naked.

(Everything's all right)
life's what you make it

life's what you make it
Celebrate it.
Anticipate it.

Yesterday's faded
Nothing can change it
Life's what you make it



Quizá te llamé con la mente.
Me hacés falta, Providente.


For Jane Austen, great inspiration.


The stillness of things

the silence of lambs

these are the things that unite us

with centuries before

and centuries after.

The certainty of pride

the wicked mind.

These are the things

that last in time.

As her ghost haunts me

in every fine line

the trace of her wisdom

is still in this rhime

A softness explored

from bottom to top

of a mingling (tingling?) melody

in a shimmering light.

Keep two hundred years

all together at once.

And the joy of fulfillment

of accomplished work

makes me wonder

if I'm sure at all.

Of my wills.

Off my goals,

off my soul.