We've got solid state technology
Tapes on the floor
Some songs we can't afford to play
When we came here today
All I wanted to say was how much I miss you
Alcohol and cotton balls
And some drugs we can't afford on the way
When we came here today
We all felt something true
Now I'm red-eyed and blue


4 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

sos hermosa ;)

Silvia R dijo...

Quién es este anónimo?

inrepose dijo...

Wilco and Quantic Soul - Such good taste in one blog! I watched a Quantic gig in Leicester Square in London 3 years ago - very funky!

Silvia R dijo...

Well Thank you! U did??? I'm just starting to listen, as well as Wilco, so any other recommendations will be very welcome in this blog!
Nice to meet you Mr.