You remind me of fresh oceans
Of great sands
You remind me of blue skies sinking over deep blue seas
You are a cliff
Full of risk,
full of breeze
Full of dark 
but full of peace...
And i was talking to you and i could see the path 
for the cyclists at the promenade

I can see the roallercoaster and the cotton candy

I could see you dont belong to me
like the song of the summer
Unless we want to keep each other
 in an endless summer..

You my friend who thinks better in the hiding, 
feeling, sharing
my secrets and your wisdom through this window
Where i can translate all the emotions

You provoke some things you dont want to see
But thats the fruit of your temptations 
and the cold of your underground thoughts...

And i still want to see you
And kiss you
And love you

You see

I still got so much love and so much sea

At dawn when you come to me

Like heavens to be free

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