The world's gone blind for a while
it's as something's broken
and I cannot tell why.
Has my mind tricked my heart?
Has my heart tricked my mind?
If I see in your eyes
the most sad of the looks
then it's we should turn around?
Oh sweetheart in two weeks
something special filled the air
in a way I would not know
and I fell into a dream
maybe my nature awakes
and I feel I'm still asleep
and it makes me feel confused
when I close my eyes and feel.
Should I feel so much tonight?
Is this tear the truth beneath?
Or your sensitive golden eyes
make me melt in your sorrounds?
It's like a deep, profound ocean
it's the drops calling the earth
when you hold me I feel so close
change as if we were one clay

How can something last two weeks
be so damn Jobim insensitive
for one week is not such time
but the amount of hugs together...

I wish this would last forever
not to worry about what's next
I just need your innocence
makes me feel so alive and fresh

I only want to take care
but something don't let me rest
please forgive my present state
cannot sail your pleasant waves
but I love you just the same.
Yes I love you just the same.
I do love you just the same.
I will love you just the same.

2 comentarios:

gera dijo...

qué lindoooo nena!!
lo escribiste vos no?

Azraelito dijo...


gracias de verdad gracias!!!

no solo por el poema sino por dejarme conocerte...

que andes bien mujer...