Cowboys & Angels - George Michael

(When your heart's in someone else's hands...)

I need George to whisper to me the words that you won't whisper
To lay in my bed, the place where you won't lay.
(You're not to blame. Everyone's the same.)

I need you most in my darkest hours
my deepest hours
I dreamt of your legs wrapped around mine
woke up thinking
how badly I want you.
How badly.

Before I go to work,
Before the day commence
(It's the ones who resist that we most want to kiss.)

And the sax went on and on
and I went mad with it
Cause you're a bad dream come true
and I want you so much
that I wish my desire could reach you and haunt you and last.
(Take this girl to your bed, maybe her hands would help you forget...)

I'm romantic
I'm pedantic
I'm a fool for not knowing how to react

And yet you'll never know me
You'll never know.

Silence is the deepest cry.


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