For you.


It is for you my heart started aching,
the moment you started growing up.
You were such a child,
when I met you.
Such a puppy.
you developed a cinic personality,
full of humor and laughter.
You filled my days in a weird,
unattended way.
We did love each other in an everyday's way.
You brought an extra bagel and I shared my home made meal.

You started cooking chef-like desserts
and I started looking.

When you kind of flirted I was flattered,
although too young to allow for.
When your music started ressembling mine,
I was surprised.
When you liked french and starbuck's coffe,
I just laughed.

But when you grew thinner and big eyed,
I was shocked.

I maybe felt attracted,
but I couldn't imagine you that way.

This melody reminds me that

I started dreaming
the moment I lost you
the moment you were looking
other ways

For a place I cannot come into
with a code I cannot relate to
In a style that is not mine
With guys I cannot reach.

And now I miss you,
and my music reminds me of you,
such a charming, young, lovable man.

And maybe,

I feel blue.


3 comentarios:

Jefferson Aleman dijo...

Are you sure we never met before?

Silvia R dijo...

jaja I don't know.

Have we?

Zettaprint dijo...

Buen blog...