Mad Men, temporada 5 capítulo 7

1960s. Peggy tells her mother she's moving in with her boyfriend, without getting married. Mother disapproves.

- Dad would have wanted me to be happy!

- No! He'd be as mad as I am, because you're selling yourself short! This boy, he will use you for practice, until he decides to get married and have a family. And he will, believe me.

- You want me to be alone?

- You know what your aunt used to say? "You're lonely? Get a cat. They live thirteen years, then you get another one, another one after that... and you're done.
Thank you for dinner.

Y bueno, la madre sería anticuada y un poco bestia.... but she had a point with the cat. :(

...- single women guide to spinsterhood. (?)

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