And so left to hurt...

Is it more than us sinking?
Is it our skin changing?
are you so different? so much alike...?
why can't we fit enough?
and so left to hurt, and now you feel a fool.
I'm the one gone bad?
I miss what we were.
Every single day.
There's not a day in which I don't think of what could have been.
Or what it is.
You are here, but not still you.
So I know that is over,
but love still damages my health...
I'm still trapped in my past,
and you feel confused
when we touch I start crying
and you start wondering
what has become of us
what has become?
Communio Ex Communio
who am I holding?
skin to skin
sin to sin
but I still feel close to you
and you still feel close to me
neither of us know what to do
but to collect the ashes of what has been
and we're still here.
We are...

we are...?

PD: Like a fish
like a butterfly changing.
Like the sea
you come and go
I come and go too
and the violins play
you're sittin next to me
I can feel the conection
but I don't dare breaking our habit
of staying tuned to the music
the hi-hat bending our hearts.
I need you so much.
I need you SO much.
I need you to come back
I need what you were.
I need what we were.
I need protection,
but that ain't coming back.
Memory remains,
but the clock still turns.

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Edu Blake dijo...

Speaking de clock that turns y cosas asi...

¿Qué tal pasaste tu cumple Sil?

Mientras sigo leyendo sobre el tren bala K y trato de no cantar por dentro la canción del Monorail! de los Simpsons...

En fin...