Be my girl - Sally (The Police)

Esto es un monólogo que se manda Andy Summers en el medio de la canción, que siempre me hizo reír muchísimo y cuando lo busqué en internet me di cuenta de que no estaba por ninguna parte.
Así que se los posteo, y si pueden, escuchen la canción, es mucho más gracioso escucharlo a Summers diciendo esto con su acento british y el pianito de fondo que leerlo de la nada, pero bueno.
Es tan romántico!!! je.

I was blue and lonely
I couldn’t sleep a wink
I could only get unconscious
If I had too much to drink.

There was somehow something wrong somewhere
And each day seemed grey and dead
The seed of desperation
Were growing in my head

I needed inspiration!
A brand new start in life.
Somewhere to place affection
But I didn’t want a wife.

And then by lucky chance I saw
A special magazine
An add that was unusual
The like, I’d never seen.

“Experience something different,
With our new imported toy:
She is loving, warm, inflatible,
And a garantee of joy”.

She came all wrapped in cupboard
All pink and shribbled down
A breath of air was all she needed
To make her loose that frown.

I took her to the bedroom
And pumped her with some life
And later, in a moment,
That girl, became, My Wife.

And so I sit her in the corner,
And sometimes stroke her hair,
And when I’m feeling naughty,
I blow her up with air.

She is curly and she is bouncy!
She is like a rubber ball!
I bounce her in the kitchen,
And I bounce her in the hall.

And now my life is different,
Since Sally came my way.
I wake up in the morning
And have her on the tray

She is everything they say she was,
And nowhere a (.......?) game.
I now only have to worry

In case my girl were strained.

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