She's got it.

Nunca supe que este tema lo cantaba una mujer. Mariska Veres, Holland's beauty, 'painted doll' welcome to my world...

A goddess on a mountain top (dancing as if the world was gone)
was burning like a silver flame (she always does no matter what)
a summit of beauty and love (so wonderful to keep it for herself)
and Venus was her name. (Venus, Afrodite, Marilyn, so on)

She's got it, (keep singing it...)
yeah baby,she's got it. (your voice does good to me)
well I'm your Venus, (you're my fire)
I'm your fire at your desire. (I'm your Venus of pure desire)

Her weapon were her crystal eyes (she never looks without knowing why)
making every man mad, (expecting millions of looks back)
black as the dark night she was (could never be otherwise...)
got what no one else had. (a sparkling soul)

She's got it, (she does, it'll never burn out)
yeah baby,she's got it (always there, in their mind)
I'm your Venus, (she is the fire)
I'm your fire at your desire. (he is her Venus, all desire)

PD: Recuerdan que esta canción estaba en una campaña publicitaria creo que de desodorante... o algo por el estilo, para la TV en los años '90? o antes? no puedo recordar qué publicidad era.

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