To the 'other' Roxannes...

I love you so, my sweet lil pumpkin
You know security never lasts
cause our heart is made of dreaming
and the world around never matters at all.

So don't go asking someone's love
just to be admired, just to be adored
you've got so much to give, got so much to store
don't anyone tell you how much you're worth.

I know you learned to look at you
in the face of others, some damn good Sting
but you're still the one who doesn't have to
put the red light on if you want to be free.

So now give your mind a chance
ask yourself if that's the kind of life you wanna live
see that structures aren't always for the best
and picture you in a different kind of ring.

My little pumpkin don't you see
You make me capable of tenderness
sometimes you look so defenseless
you think you need someone to care for you

But I see your strenght and I see your faith
don't dress Roxanne if it's not your will
you know life comes with a lot of thrills
and you're tough enough to face it straight.

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