Who was under who?
I learned to manipulate.
This ain't love voodoo.
just entered the game...

and now it is you

who don't know the way
to get to my heart.
'Cause you lost the smell
to trespass the dark.

You had it at first,

and you chose to die
(right into my mind)
but now try come in.

Well, I can adjust

to your tricky lies,
and be part of one
created by me. :)

(where you do still matter

and I do still care!
and you feel important
and I am to blame.)

But that's just the past

and my sweet revenge
-which play the same role
in this beautiful play-,

where I buried you

when I found someone else
and never forgot
all my wounds on the fence.

You think that you're smart?

well watch me grow up
(the size of your ego)
your luxury tall.

And see me relax

in front of your bounds
your logic go-downs
your lovely freakouts.

Right there's where I laugh

(such beautiful play...
your make up collapse!)
and, hell, be compassionate:
your soul has no ass.
No mouth and no shaft.
Your words don't get far.

And facts will remain.

The latest distortion

is the cheapskate part
you may represent
now that I am on stage...

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