How vague, how wandering, how insincere.
How lame, how saddening, how wretched the appeal.

How low, not loving
and yet play the part.
For much time passed
many decissions
till the truth wooed at last.

How beckoning, how cheap
the last invite
how untrustable a man
with his own feelings unlearnt.

How needs one take care on the harm
when they suffer mistreat
from someone who can't confront
their own sentiment.

How unfortunate
to deal with undesiredness
in the form of confusion
instead of sincerity.

If I had only been told
that love was away
that I wasn't cherished any longer
that dissapointment had taken place
and I wasn't wanted anymore

Maybe I could have saved myself
from vagueness
and pain.

Much pain.

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