Thank you for the shelter.
Thank you for being there
the only way I asked you.

You gave me nothing but what I asked for.
You didn't whisper

you didn't lie.

You were just there
to catch me falling
and now I'm here,
hiding my mind.

Giving me shelter...

You were doing nothing
but giving me shelter.

Caressing my hair.
Lying in your chest.

I don't need anymore for now
than that little shelter.

'Cause my heart don't feel
and it won't for long.

You were glad that I
have learnt not to believe.
(To believe in men
and the things they pray).

You were smiling at me
as if it protected me
to have nothing cared for
and nothing to grieve.

but it isn't it.

I just thought
I don't want to feel again
I wanna be anesthetized
for ever,
'cause I can't stop believing.
In anyone
I love.

And I still love him.
And it still hurts.

2 comentarios:

Sabatino Di Giuliano dijo...

Questa mattina "fresca" di sabato qui a Trieste, passo di qua semplicemente per salutarti. Un giro tra i miei nuovi amici. Grazie e Buon weekend!
Un abbraccio

Silvia dijo...

Grazie Saba! Sei "un amor". (carino, amabile) come diciamo qua. jajaj
lo stesso per te!