There are places I don't have to go to
People I don't have to meet
Comments I don't need to hear and
Seconds I don't wanna wait

Moments I don't wanna wish for
Stories I just won't believe
Series I don't wanna see
Cars I don't wanna ride

Guys that I don't wanna fuck
Music I don't need to listen
Truths that I don't wanna absolve
Idols I don't wanna pray to

Leaders I don't wanna follow
Drugs that I don't wanna take
Violence I don't wanna stand for
Certainly many needs I don't wanna supply

Hang up the phone
when I don't wanna talk
Don't cause no guilt
cause I just want some pleasure
I'ts not like
I don't like the world
but sometimes
I don't like the people in it

I only want some of them please me
treat me better / treat me kind
leaving me alone
giving me some peace

playin some guitar chords
makin me some love
prayin to some Jesus
thankin to some God

eating some delights
waiting for some heaven
spacing up my mind
all to make my song

saying No is relieving
saying "Go To Hell"
giving you the finger
when tradition won't expect

Make me happy for a while
and just finding my Own Path.

Worth passing through
and enjoying

By Myself.


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