We've reached the end of the road
I don't want a partner
you don't want a friend
There's no easy way out now
We've come a long long way

Rejection ain't my favourite,
I've been there standing, too

But sometimes I do wonder
if you know how wrong it feels
you and me

You couldn't see a thing
you wouldn't cause you are clouded
by your dreams of how it could be

Come on, move further
make your final move.

I won't be expecting you to close the door
I simply want to avoid the taste
the bitter taste of having to be the one
to tell you we can't be.

So sad, so bad, so weird...

I wonder what you see when you see me
...confessions in a plate?
A loner and a soulmate
a pilgrim on a trip?

you're too blind to see your own road
and I won't be the saviour on this cause.

Self-research is meant for you
try and see your hidden lies
wouldn't see the world through your eyes
wouldn't want you to see it from mine.

I'm not buying no one's dream no more
I'd rather go without


Life Will Support Me


2 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Qué placer pasar por tu blog y tener tiempo para recorrerlo entero...

Silvia R dijo...

Qué placer tu blog también!!! Hacía mucho que no me encontraba con un blog que valiera así la pena. Tengo a Manon en la biblioteca, en francés y todo... esperando a ser leído...