I'm dark tonight
as you should be
we'll drown in the wine
I'll touch your hair
(over in a plate)

Pull my strings
You'll do what I want
I do what you want
Please me

You should be here
Sweet little boy
you're like a girl
Do what you want
You're going cheap

Don't you know
I'm behind
I don't need to dominate
I'm behind you
watching you fall deep

I know better
I know you can't
(The one behind the wheel)

I don't need the show
with your weakness I grow
I'll see you unprotected
struggling out of faith
to see you drown

while I drink my lust
I prefer you weak
kind of lost

it's not about giving
it's only about sex
and making it last
and making you suffer
till you can come down

I hate you enough
to make you die
I'm just transmuting
hatred into fire

You should be here
I'll let you lie


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