Who wouldn't understand you, baby?
You take out the best of each other lives,
you go soiling flowers in every path you walk.

You've got that tricky smile,
that doesn't let see the whole of you,
but takes most of the others.

You've got shiny eyes,
and your hugs are the most deep I've ever been in.

Your voice makes me tremble,
and somehow I feel tied up to you in each of your songs

I feel freedom running with force through my veins,
when I feel You.

What makes me love you & our ways?
Maybe the imprint of your kindred spirit.

I feel the sun,
coming along with a breeze of fresh air.

I feel you, summer,
turning gold into my skin,
expanding my lungs,
and it makes me laugh.

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Thiago dijo...

Linkeada amor y suerte con "eso".