Sunset Boulevard feeling

Stop the shooting
I feel really low
Where did my heart go?
I can't find it anymore

Stop the movie
who is playing the leading role?
director's flown somewhere
and I don't understand the plot at all

Why does it rain?
it didn't have to rain in this scene...
stop pointing that stupid light at me
I cannot see where I'm going

Why am I crying?
I wasn't supposed to cry in this line
someone's altering my feelings
and I can't control them anymore

I used to be the lady in red
now I'm just the pathethic girl in bed
and I don't like that role!
but I don't even have the strenght to complain.

Who put me into Sunset Boulevard?
The only thing missing is my fatal going out
'Cause I already begged
I already died

I already cried
I already got insane
but the tape ain't going any further
and Gillis never meets his death

Is that going to calm the beasts?
is that going to make me exhale?
the end's already been decided
but my character got trapped in between

Time doesn't pass for me
Time doesn't pass at my old mansion
Come on, time! Heal all my wounds!
I need myself back on the stage!

4 comentarios:

marina la marinera dijo...

uy dios... YA me estoy bajando esta cancion de emule.

Sil dijo...

no es una cancion zapalla jajajajajajajajajaja esto lo escribí yo! pfffffffffff

Sunset Boulevard es una película de los años locos.....

marina la marinera dijo...

si ya se boluda!!! ya se que es una peli de los anios locos, si mal no recuerdo, una de las ultimas de Vivien Leigh? ( o me equivoco?)

jajajaja... cuando la puse en emule y no me dio nada dije... ops... me parece que no era una cancion.

proponesela a algun grupo. esta buenisima!

Marina la Marinera dijo...

xq no se la mandas al tipo de mmmmh? el de crash test dummies...